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Technology, learning and organization in times of change

Mathias Lund, founder and CEO M-Lund

+10 years of expereince as an entrepreneur and leader within digital media, edtech and management consulting. Owner and co-founder of CompetencySpace (databased digital competency management) and EdTalk (conferences and professional social learning experiences). 

Prior CEO & partner of Brain Gain Group (first venture) within news media and new knowledge-sharing services utilizing sound and podcasting. 

Brain Gain Group suceeded in publishing contextual news coverage including own reporting within science, society and culture for 3 consecutive years (approx. 100 people were involved over three years; volunteers and freelancers occupying all the relevant roles for running a journalistic news media). 

Brain Gain Group pioneered professional podcasting in Denmark and Mathias Lund has worked with all new clients onboarding them in the realm of sound and voice. This includes IDA - The Danish Union of Engineers (STEM), Børsen - largest Danish business daily, Danske Bank and media colabs and sponsored content with Politiken - 

a center-left newspaper and Ase - an independent unemployment insurance fund. Also Mathias co-founded Edtech Denmark (NGO) - a cluster for learning technology.

Current focus and priorities:
Engaged in business, leadership and collaboration with partners. Current focus is digital skills (including PCT) and green transition in education both as strategic focus areas and as subject matter. 

The objective is to maximize decision quality when it comes to strategic human capital development (e.g. build or hire-decisions for relevant competency areas). 

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For all business inquiries please contact

Mathias Lund Schjøtz, 
CEO & owner of M-Lund ApS (CompetencySpace & EdTalk)

+45 31721836

+45 31721836

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